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Exchange services occur with a Visitation Supervisor facilitating the transfer of children from one parent to the other parent.  Exchanges are most appropriate when there are ongoing concerns of the custodial parent's safety, or substance abuse.

The MCVC does not determine what type of service is appropriate for families or make recommendations regarding custody and/or visitation. The parties must agree on what type of service is to be provided if it is not determined by the referring agent.

​The MCVC structures its services so that parents do not have contact with each other.  This is done by having separate entrances and waiting rooms as well as staggered arrival and departure times.  Security personnel are present during all visitation services at all of our locations throughout the county.


Fully Supervised, Semi-Supervised, Exchanges


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The MCVC provides three different types of visitation services:


2.  Semi-Supervised Visits
3.  Exchanges

Fully supervised visitation services occur on site with a Visitation Supervisor present during the entire parent/child contact.  These visits are most appropriate when there are concerns about the custodial parent's safety and/or concerns about the child's safety.

Semi-supervised visitation services occur on site with a Visitation Supervisor present for only part of the parent/child contact.  The Visitation Supervisor observes the visit every 10 to 15 minutes.  These visits are most appropriate when there are concerns of abduction, substance abuse, or exposure to inappropriate activities or people.

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Inclement Weather Policy

It is advised on days of inclement weather for individuals to call the MCVC two (2) hours prior to the start of the visit.  If the MCVC plans to close due to poor weather, a recording indicating this will be placed on the answering machine.  If the road conditions appear dangerous, the MCVC will cancel visits for that day to ensure the safety of all individuals.

1.  Fully Supervised Visits