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At the time of orientation, please be prepared to provide the MCVC with any information that would assist us in providing a safe service to your family.  This can include any information regarding domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, criminal histories and any prior court proceedings.  Please be prepared to sign releases for any agencies that may be involved with your family such as DCYF, therapists/counselors, probation and parole officers, as well as a release for criminal and motor vehicle records.


Each parent/guardian is required to call the Merrimack County Visitation Center (MCVC) and schedule their own orientation.  Orientations at the MCVC are typically completed Wednesday - Friday at the MCVC's Boscawen location by appointment only.  In order to allow time for MCVC staff to answer all of your questions and obtain all required information, please plan on the orientation lasting approximately 1-2 hours.
Court paperwork regarding visitation and/or custody, including parenting plans.
Valid state-issued photo ID
All parties must attend orientation appointments alone; no other people (adults or children) are permitted to attend.  If you have concerns about your safety while completing your orientation, please discuss this with MCVC staff prior to arriving for your appointment.  Appointment times are confidential and will not be disclosed to the other party.
If other court orders exist, such as a restraining/protective order (temporary and/or final) or bail conditions, you will be required to provide copies at orientation as well.
All clients must bring the following items to their orientation appointment (the MCVC can make copies of any original paperwork at the time of orientation):

Merrimack County Visitation Center